Lesson 4

I. Matthew 1:21

1. Why was He called “Jesus”?___________________

II. John 3:16

1. How did God express His love towards us?__________________________
2. What must we do to have eternal life? _______________________________
3. What will happen to those who don’t believe in Christ? ____________________

III. Mark 14:22-26; Matthew 26:28.

1. Jesus’ blood was poured out for many for the __________________________

At this point, try to imagine, step by step, moment by moment, what Jesus was going thru and the pain he must have experienced. Place yourself at viewing distance of Jesus as you read these passages….

IV. Mark 14:32-41

1. Jesus was about to face His death for us. From this passage, was Jesus afraid
of what was about to take place? _____________
2. What did Jesus do three times? _____________________
3. We ought to learn from this example. When times are tough, what should
we do?______________________
4. Did Jesus seek His will or the Will of His Father? ______________________
5. Therefore, when we pray, should we seek our will or God’s will? _____________

V. Mark 14:42-65

1. Was Jesus false accused of crimes He didn’t commit? __________________
2. In addition to their false testimonies, what did they do to
Jesus? __________________________________________

VI. Mark 15:1-15

1. From verse 15, before leading Him away to be crucified, what did they do
to Jesus? _____________________________________
2. Flogging involves being stripped naked and tied to a pole, and being whipped
39 times with a Roman whip with leather straps with bone, glass and sharp
metal spikes embedded in it.
3. Read Isaiah 50:6.
a) When Jesus offered His back to those who beat (flogged) Him, what did
they do to His beard? _______________________________________
4.Read Isaiah 52:14. When they were through flogging Jesus, did He look
human? _______

VII. Mark 15:16-20

1. Although He was beaten beyond recognition, what did they place on
His head? ______________________________
2. And after when they placed that horrible crown, what did the do to his
thorned head?_____________
3. Eventually, what did they do to our Lord and Savior? __________________
4. Read 2 Corinthians 5:21.
a) What did Jesus become for us? _________________________
b) Why? So that we might become the what? _______________________

IX. Mark 16:1-7

1. What happened to Jesus on the first day of the week (Sunday)?____________

X. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4

1. The word “gospel” means “good news”. According to verses 3-4, what three
events make up the gospel of Jesus Christ?
a) ______________________________________
b) ______________________________________
c) ______________________________________

XI. Isaiah 53:5-6

1. As you can see, Jesus took our sin. He was bruised, wounded and pierced for
our iniquities, that is, sin!
2. Read Isaiah 53:5-6 again. And everywhere you see the pronouns “we”, “us” and
“our”, I want you to put your name there!
3. Doesn’t He love you very much? ___________
4. Take this time to pray to God and thank Him for sending His Son to Earth to die
a horrible, shameful and painful death so that you may be saved from sin!


Jesus calls His true followers “disciples”. See John 8:31. Are you willing to be His disciple?

If yes, what if it gets really hard? Will you still be willing to be His disciple?


“Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”…John 8:31-32