Lesson 9
The Greek word for “repent” is “metanoeó” — which means to “think differently”. Therefore, repentance is the act of changing one’s mind. It involves changing one’s focus from earthly things to heavenly things. It involves turning to the living God and turning away from sin.

I.  Acts 17:30
A.  According to this verse, is repentance optional? ________________________
B. Who is commanded by God to repent? _______________________________

II. Acts 3:19; Luke 13:3
A. What must we do in order for our sins to be wiped out? _____________________
B. What will happen to those who refuse to repent? ___________________________
C. According to these two passages of Scripture, is repentance necessary
for salvation? ____________________

III. Acts 26:20
A. How does God expect us to prove our repentance? ________________________

IV. Luke 19:1-10
A. Zacchaeus was impacted by Jesus. How did He prove his repentance? _____________________________________________________________________

B. How did Jesus respond to Zacchaeus’ repentance?________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

V. Proverbs 28:13
A. What is one of the consequences of concealing or hiding our sin? ___________ _____________________________________________________________________
B. What two things must we do in order to find God’s mercy? _________________ _____________________________________________________________________

VI. Acts 19:18-20
A. In verse 18, what did they do after they believed in Jesus? _________________ _____________________________________________________________________
B. Following their confession, how did they prove their determination to renounce their sin? _________________________________________________________________
C. According to Proverbs 28:13, did they find mercy from God? ______

VII. I Corinthians 6:9-10; Galatians 5:19-21
A. Have you ever been guilty of any of these sins?_____________________
B. Will those guilty of these sins inherit the kingdom of God?____________

VIII. Isaiah 55:7
A. Who will God freely pardon and bestow His mercy on? ___________________ ____________________________________________________________________
B. Are you willing to forsake your sinful ways and thoughts and turn to the Lord? _____

Repentance is not quitting a sin for a short period of time. It is totally turning from that act of sin. It is a complete one hundred-eighty degree turn, followed by action proving that change. It is bad to sin: but it is worse to sin and not repent. The kingdom of God awaits those who repent.

Challenge: Are you ready to repent of sin and turn to God’s way?   YES      NO