Lesson 6

Did you know that the words “disciple/disciples” occurs more than 270 times in the Bible, while the words “Christian/Christians” only 3 times?

I. Matthew 28:18-20
Note: In verse 19, the Greek word used there is “methetes” , which translates into
the word “disciple.” A disciple is a student, pupil, or a learner. Verse 19 literally
says “go and make disciples…”
A. Jesus wants everyone to become His __________________.
B. Therefore, a ________________ is a person who makes Jesus his Teacher and
C. According to verses 19-20, a disciple is made by
a. _________________________________________________  and
b. _________________________________________________

II. Acts 11:25-26
A. Which term is used mostly in the world today:
Disciple or Christian? _____________
B. Disciples were first called ______________________ at Antioch.
C. Therefore, Biblically speaking, a disciple is a Christian. So, therefore, can a
person be a true Christian without being a disciple? _______

III. Mark 1:16-18
A. What did Jesus tell His first disciples to do? _________________________
B. What was He going to turn these fishermen into? ______________________
C. At once they  _________________________

VI. Luke 9:23-26
A. If anyone wishes to follow Jesus, they must:
1. _________________________________________________
2. _________________________________________________
3. _________________________________________________
B. What does “he must deny himself” mean? ____________________________
C. What does “he must…take up his cross” mean? _____________________
D. Is being a disciple more valuable than gaining all the riches of the world? ___
E. If any man be ashamed of Jesus and His words, Jesus will
be _______________________________________________

V. Matthew 7:21
A. Is calling Jesus “Lord” makes a person automatically saved? __________
B. From this passage, who will enter the kingdom of heaven?_____________

VI. John 8:31-32
A. Who are Jesus’ true disciples? Those who _________________________
B. From verse 32, what will the truth do?  ______________________

VII. John 17:17
A. Is God’s Word “Truth”? ____________________________

VIII. 1John 2:4-6
A. Anyone who claims to know Jesus yet not keep His commands is
a _________________ and ______________________________________.
B. From verse 6, how must a disciple walk as?  ______________________

IX. Luke 6:46
A. If one is going to call Jesus “Lord”, they must ___________________________

X. Luke 14:25-33
Note: the word “hate” used here is the Greek word “miseo”, which means
“to love less”. We tend to be influenced by those whom we love more.
A. Must a disciple love Jesus more than his closest relationships? _________
B. Must a disciple be willing to take up his cross (crucify sin) and
follow Jesus? _______
C. Must a disciple give up everything that stands in the way of Christ? __________
D.     In all honesty, does Luke 14:26,27 and 33 discribe you? ________
E.     If not, will you, today, do what Jesus says in Luke 14:26,27 and 33? ________

XI. 2Timothy 4:3-4
A. Will people seek teaches that will tell them what they want to hear?________
B. From verse 4, what will people turn aside from? _____________
C. Do you see that happening today, especially after reading Luke 14:25-33? ____
D.     Discipleship is rarely taught these days. Easy-believism is popularly taught.
Many use John 3:16 without teaching Luke 14:25-33 and Luke 9:23-25.

Challenge: Are you willing to become a true disciple of Jesus?

YES      NO
Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”… John 8:31